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Dental Crowns
Hillsboro, OR

Rendering of jaw with dental crown from Hoffman Dental in Hillsboro, ORDental crowns have been around for a while and they work extremely well when it comes to protecting the integrity of your tooth and ensuring no further damage is caused. A dental crown manages to cover the tooth from the surface right up to your gumline. These dental crowns are usually used after a root canal procedure or after a major repair done on your tooth. If you are wondering how a dental crown can help your teeth look better and function efficiently then you can visit Hoffman Dental to learn more about the various kinds of dental crowns you could get and how these dental crowns can protect your teeth and help you have better oral health.

Dental Crowns Help Relieve Uncomfortable Teeth

When a dental crown is placed on a tooth after a restorative treatment, it protects the tooth effectively and covers it completely, thereby ensuring that there is no sensitivity or pain that the person will face. People who suffer from extensive tooth decay or fear pain after a root canal procedure should opt-in for a dental crown because they help to cover up your tooth that is sensitive and will constantly hurt if not covered.

When the enamel of your tooth is compromised, it is difficult to prevent sensitivity issues and these crowns will act as a wall between any foods that you chew thereby protecting your tooth from sensitivity.

Placing Dental Crowns Is a Simple Dental Procedure

A lot of people believe that getting a dental crown is a highly invasive and complex procedure and this is why they try avoiding the topic of getting a crown fitted. The truth is that these procedures are minimally invasive and straightforward. Once your tooth has been worked upon and is ready for the crown, the measurements are taken and a crown is fitted over the compromised tooth using strong bonding cement. This dental crown will then guard your sensitive tooth and protect it at all times. Setting the dental crown does not take a lot of time and it is not a painful procedure in any way.

Dental Crowns Are Custom Made

Every dental crown is designed perfectly to suit the shape and size of your tooth that requires a little help and the color of the crown is also designed to match the other teeth perfectly. This crown will not look like an external body placed in your mouth and it will blend with the other teeth and look like a complete set instead.

Dental crowns help restore your teeth and they add to the aesthetic appeal of your smile. The crowns are strong and long-lasting and once you have them placed in your mouth you will not have to worry about replacing them for a long time. If you are contemplating whether or not you should get a dental crown to cover a sensitive tooth, then you can pick up the phone and contact us at (971) 979-3737 to inquire more about this. Once you are ready you can simply visit Hoffman Dental and get the right crown fitted to cover your tooth perfectly.
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Dental crowns are usually used after a root canal procedure or after a major repair done on your tooth. Visit Hoffman Dental to learn more about dental crowns!
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