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Dental Crown Hillsboro OR

Rendering of jaw with dental crown from Hoffman Dental in Hillsboro, ORHaving a heavily cavitated tooth, a pulp infection, or a badly discolored tooth presents many challenges. A cavity, just like a pulp infection, can contribute to tooth loss. Luckily, dental restorations like crowns can avert the long-term or even irreversible consequences that come with these dental concerns.

Many treatments can help offer protection and restoration for your remaining tooth structure, including dental fillings, inlays and onlays, or dental crowns. When your tooth is damaged to a level where a filling won't work to repair it, our dentist may consider a dental crown.

Dental Crowns look and feel like natural teeth

At Hoffman Dental, we utilize dental crowns to replace surface areas of teeth that are damaged, decayed, or unsightly. At times, a tooth may have a large cavity or a filling that cracks or breaks off and cannot be replaced. In other cases, your tooth may be seriously discolored and visually distracting.

As such, we suggest a dental crown to replace the surface area of that tooth. It is a fairly common procedure and allows you to get back your tooth functionality, improve its strength, and protect it from further deterioration.

What Is A Dental Crown?

A tooth crown covers the visible area of the tooth and looks like a cap. Our dentist prepares the tooth before mounting the dental crown. The preparation step involves scraping off or filing down a significant portion of the structure of the damaged tooth to allow the new crown to sit properly and securely onto the tooth and ensure a good seal in the gum line. We can fabricate custom crowns that blend flawlessly with your teeth.

Benefits Of Dental Crowns

Receiving dental crowns offers many benefits, be it functional, health, or aesthetic. Our dentist can utilize these caps to treat decayed teeth, discolored, or missing teeth.

Additionally, we use crowns to protect teeth from erosion or wear and tear caused by normal use, accidentally biting on something too hard, or drinking or eating foods that are too acidic.

Root Canal Therapy

After you have received a root canal, whereby our dentist gets rid of the infected or damaged tissue, a dental crown is fitted, hence protecting the broken tooth from decay and re-establishing its function.

Improved Function

Further, dental crowns help improve chewing function because they strengthen the tooth. People with discolored or unsightly teeth can get dental crowns to cover the imperfections and improve smile appearance. With proper care, these crowns last from five to 15 years.

Dental Implants

Dental crowns are often also associated with dental implants, acting as an important part of their use and function.

3D rendered cross-section view of three teeth with dental crowns made of different materials

Dental Crowns In Hillsboro OR

We offer a personalized treatment plan when fabricating your dental crowns. 3D imaging solutions are used to determine the damage's extent and help create impressions for the crown fabrication.

The crowns are constructed and customized to sit comfortably and securely on your tooth to ensure a natural look and proper seal along the gum line. Our quality dental crowns can color-match and align with the natural bite of your other teeth.

The procedure is quite simple and often needs just two visits unless additional treatment is needed. Your dental crown should last for over a decade with good oral hygiene. Just make sure that you keep up with your routine dental care and scheduled visits for cleanings and exams.

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