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Dental Sealants Hillsboro OR

Young boy smiling with dental sealants at Hoffman Dental in Hillsboro, ORApplying dental sealants to certain pits of your back teeth allow us to protect otherwise vulnerable areas. Studies have found this preventative step to significantly decrease the likelihood of developing decay in the areas predicted to be at risk. At Hoffman Dental, we view preventive care to be a valuable part of your overall dental health. We encourage both education and the proper tools to achieve success in your oral health including the application of dental sealants when needed.

Our teeth are naturally designed to accomplish a task, namely to break down food before swallowing. Part of their design includes points and pits for the mashing of food. Some of these pits can be naturally formed in such a way that food can become easily trapped and then difficult if not impossible to remove. Research has shown that these spots are where decay is most often likely to occur. This is especially true in children and young adults who are still learning proper dental hygiene skills. We like to help these patients and reduce this risk by providing a barrier between the enamel and debris in these small areas. This barrier is the application of dental sealants.

Dental sealants are a liquid varnish that we paint on with a small brush that, once dried, will protect the enamel and prevent bacteria or debris from making contact. The application of dental sealants is completed in one office visit with multiple quick steps including:

•  Clean the Area: Before we apply the sealant material, we want to clean the area. This is done through a typical dental cleaning.

•  Apply Light Acid Treatment: Once clean, we then apply an acid treatment to the area that the sealant will be applied. The acid will lightly roughen the enamel surface just enough to allow for better adhesion.

•  Paint the Sealant Varnish: Applying the varnish is a painless procedure. We use a soft small brush to lightly coat the area.

•  Dry the Varnish: One applied, we cure the varnish with a blue light. This will harden it in place.

Your dental sealants should remain in place for several years, though we will check their status at all future dental exams and checkup appointments. Dental sealants can be reapplied as needed.

Dental Sealant Facts

Our patients love the protection they receive from dental sealants. Some facts include:

•  Potential to Save Money: Dental sealants reduce decay in the areas that are most likely to have decay. This could potentially save money in restoration costs.

•  Reduce the Need for Treatment: Studies show that on average there is about an 80% reduction in the development of caries or decay in patients.

•  Years of Protection: Dental sealants slowly wear away, but on average, patients can expect them to remain in place for multiple years, some even up to 10 years.

•  Used for All Ages: Dental sealants are recommended for all children after they grow their adult molars through the teen years, but they can be applied to anyone that a need is indicated. We understand that children are most vulnerable because they are often not the best at their tooth brushing skills, but anyone who has deep grooves in their teeth, or struggles with decay can have dental sealants applied to reduce the chance of decay.

If you are interested in having dental sealants applied, contact Hoffman Dental today at (503) 648-7700 to schedule an appointment.
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Applying dental sealants to certain pits of your back teeth allows us to protect those vulnerable areas. To schedule an appointment, call Hoffman Dental today!
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